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Rationale for Early Interventions in Psychosis ppt课件内容预览:Department ofPsychologyManchesterUniversityRationale for Early Interventions inPsychosisEarly Detection and InterventionTeamCollaboratorsTonyMorrisonRichardBentallShonLewisMaxBirchwoodAndrewGumleyAssistantsLaraWalfordAoiffeKilcommonsJoanneGreenAliceKnightpptMarianneKreutzSandraNeilUmaPatelSophieLomaxShreetaRajaWhat is EarlyInterventionEarly intervention strategiesIntervening early with people who are relapsing from an established illnessIntervening with people in the early stages of their illness (critical period hypothesis)including early case identificationEarly intervention as a preventative strategyWhy EarlyIntervention?Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926)Discovered schizophrenia and manic depression.Degenerative brain disorder.Current research interestStress vulnerabilityStressVulnerabilityPrognosis (roughly speaking)An early intervention serviceshould be able toRce the stigma associated with psychosis and improve professional and lay awareness of the symptoms of psychosis and the need for early assessmentRce the amount of time young people remain undiagnosed and untreatedDevelop meaningful engagement,provide evidence based interventions and promote recovery during the early phase of the illnessAn early intervention serviceshould be able toIncrease stability in the lives of service users facilitate development and provide opportunities for personal fulfilmentProvide a user centred service,seamless between 14to 35integrating child,adolescent and adult services and work in partnership with primary care,cation,social services,youth and other servicesAt the end of the treatment period ensure that care is transferred thoughtfully and effectivelyDuration of Untreated PsychosisDUPthe amount of time from onset of symptoms of psychosis to the prescription of antipsychotic medicationDuration of Untreated IllnessDUIthe amount of time from the recognition that things are not going well to the prescription of antipsychotic medicationDuration of UntreatedPsychosisDuration of untreated Psychosis andDuration of untreated illness050100150200250300350400450500Loebel et al 1992Beiser et al 1993Hafner et al 1993McGorry et al 1996Drake et al 2000StudiesWeeksDUPDUIExerciseIf you or a member of your close family started to develop psychosis would you feel comfortable getting help?What might prevent you from getting help?What help would you want?Is this available?Consequences of delayed treatmentSlower and less complete recoveryPoorer prognosis
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