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Wonders of the world ppt课件内容预览:Module 1 Wonders of the worldUnit 1What is a wonder of the world?Part I: Lead in:Topic:School dance---wonderful worldWhat’s the name of the band?Look at the picture---school dance.Which words below can you use to talk about them?ancient band clubcomposition concert gradepyramid pupil review wonderListen then choose the best answers (Activity 3)Part II: Listening andVocabularyExplain some important expressionsThat’s news to me .news---新闻a piece of news---一条新闻Have any good news to me,today?I’ll write a diary of school events.diary---记事簿,日记簿According to my diary, I’ve got two meetings onMonday.Explain some important expressionsAnd I’ll do an interview with BeckyWang.do an interview ---采访The reporter are doing the interview with the company boss.Explain some important expressionsPart III: Make a talk with activity 5What was your last composition about?What is the most ancient Chinese wonderof the world?What bands or movies would you like towrite a review about?What were you best grades in English last year?What clubs do you go to or wouldyou like to go to?Part III: Make a talk with activity 5Part IV: Pronunciation and speakingShe started a school magazinecalledNew Standardwhen she was a pupilhere.We’ll write a diary of school eventsand tell everyoneabout the school concertand the dance club.Part IV: Pronunciation and speakingEverydayEnglishThat’s news to me.我一点也不知道/对我来说是个消息.What’s it about?这是关于什么的?Listen up,everyone.大家,听着!Anyone else?还有其它人吗?Brilliant!太辉煌了!That’s a fantastic ideal.那是个极好的主意在开会听着写下来我一点儿也不知道写一篇文章一个世界奇迹一个叫..的报刊校园记事簿跳舞俱乐部古代金字塔have a meetinglisten upwrite downthat’s news to mewrite a compotitiona wonder of the worlda school magzine called…a diary of school eventsthe dance clubthe ancient pyramid1、There________(be )a football match in our school tomorrow.2、Last Saturday Mrs Green went to the market,______(buy)some bananas and visited her cousin.3、My father______(join)the party three years ago. He _________(join)a Party member for three years.will beboughtjoinedhas been4、----What has happened?----Look!The house ____________(burn).5、He_______(be)to Beijing three times.6、He___________(come)to help usas soon as he is free.7、I_____________(not see)him fora long time.8、I________(finish)my work two hoursago.is burninghas beenwill comehaven’t seenfinishedPart V: Work in pairs (Activity 7)Part Ⅵ:Homework1.Do exercise:4.13P112-1132.Make a summary of the activity 3


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