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Welcome to my class 课件ppt内容预览:DoYouKnowAny Deadly Diseases ?Heart disease, Cancer,Stroke,Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease,Asthma,SARS,AIDS(HIV)AIDS is thefourth leading cause of death worldwide and the No.1cause of death due to infectious disease. It has become the worst medical disaster ever experienced by humankind.AIDSOnly bad people getAIDS.I can become infected with HIV by swimming in a pool,holding hands or kissing someone withHIV.In 2oo2,there were 42million people living with HIVAIDS in the world.People who have not injected drugs do not need to get tested forHIV.pptIf I had HIV, I would know because I would feel sick.HIVAIDS is difficult to cure.People who have HIV look different from everyone else.It is safe to be friends with people who are living withHIVAIDS.IUQSDIAZStep One:Skimming1.Who was born dying?2. What’s the meaning of the title “BornDying”?3. Is she discouraged?XIaohuaShe was infected with HIV through birthand she will not live long.NoStep Two:Scanning1.What isAIDS?2.How does HIV spread?3.Where is the disease spreading faster? And why?4.What did Xiaohua decide to do after she knew she gotAIDS?break down the body’s immune systemdefenceless against infections and illnessQ1: What isAIDS?AIDS,which is caused by _____,can be transmitted via __________sex,_______blood __________or through _______.unprotectedinfectedtransfusionbirthHIVQ3:Where is the disease spreading faster? And why?InAfricaparts ofAsiaA lack of…Use the limited timeHelp othersQ4:What did Xiaohua decide to do after she knew she gotAIDS?Safe or unsafeShakingHandsHuggingDonatingBloodSwimming with the AIDS patientsOh! Darling,bite me tenderly!!Eating food with AidsPatientsUsing thetoilet seatMatch the following words with correct meanings1.immune(Para2,line1)2.infection(Para2,line2)3.transmit(Para3,line2)4.transfusion(Para3,line2)5.contract(Para3,line3)6.cheer up(Para5,line7)1.becoming ill through contact with bacteria (细菌)2.that can’t be harmed by a disease or illness3.catch or develop (an illness)4.cause sb. To become happier or more cheerful5.act or process of putting one person’s blood into another person’s body6. Send or pass on sth.from one person,place or thing to anotherRead the text again carefully and divide the text into several parts.Part1(para.1): Xiaohua:a happy teenagerinfected withHIV.Part(para.2-4): Introduction to AIDS and the spread ofAIDS.Part3(para.5-7): Xiaohua’s attitude towards her life.How should we act towards people who have HIV AIDS? What can we do to help them?


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