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The TV Programmes on Saturdayppt课件内容预览:The TV Programmes onSaturdayA. Find the factsThe text you will read on pages 60-61is about a TV guide. Now listen to the tape and say whether each of the following is True (T)or False (F).A1.True (T)or False (F).1. Sports world covers high jump this week.2. Sports world is interviewing well-knownswimming players this week.3. Beijing Music Awards was pre-recordedyesterday.4.People have not voted for BeijingMusicRewards by casting their ballot paper.FFFFppt5. The actors in Murder in a CountryHouseare not superstars.6. You can find out who is the murderer beforethe end of the film.7. Pandas are not disappearing as quick as the Asian tiger.8.Tiger Watch won an award for the surprising scene ofIndia.TFFFA2. Choose the right answer1.You might be ________about the weeklyround-up of sports,if you are not football fans.a.uninterestingb.excitedc.tired and impatient2. Some of the most famous stars ___________.a.will be covered live.b.will be asked questions.c.will be announced.cb3. You can’t find out the murderer ________theend of the film.a.afterb.beforec.from4. You won’t realize how much danger the tigersface_______you watch this documentary.a.whenb.asc.untilbc5. While ________the programme,you mightfind it a bit watch6. India is of the most beautiful places of many places where tigers still of the few places where tigers still live.bcB1 Find the words in Column A in the passage andmatch them with the meanings in ColumnBB.Find the meaningsB2.Find these words in the passage. Then read thewords around them and choose the best meanings.1.directa.aim sth in a particular directionb.tell actors in a play,film etc.what they should doc.tell sb how to get to a place2.scareda.frightened of sth.b.make sb feel become impossible to stop existingc.go out of sight4.scenea.part of a playb.viewc.the place where an accident happened5.mysterya.condition of being event,situation that people don’t understandc.a subject that is very secret6.disturbinga.surprisingb.worrying or upsettingc.suffering7.documentarya.dramab.a film giving detailed info.about a particularsubject.cedy8.habitata.earthb.campc.the natural home of a plant or animalC. Read and thinkRead the text again and find words in thetext to complete the following sentences:1.They pay a _______visit to their parents.2. Unemployment is likely to rise in the _______year.

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