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The way we lookppt课件内容预览:overcoatevening dresstailcoatglovesmittensscarfRead the dialogue and finish Activity 4.look forward toYou know,盼望;期待你知道的,(插入语,引起对方注意)decide to do sth.决定做某事穿---去派对wear the partyppta bit brightone in bluetake a look at颜色有点艳蓝色的(衣服)看看for some timethe girl with long hair长头发的女孩一段时间have onput on穿上穿着,戴着plan to do sth.计划做某事I’m really looking forward to the Shakespeare play.介词They looked forward very much to seeing him again.I am looking forward to your early reply.But I need a thick jacket and some warm gloves and socks.A thick cloud masked the sun.The aircraft was flying above thick fog.thickI’ll probably wear a dress,too.He will probably follow in his father’s footsteps.probablyPerhaps this book will prove useful later.It may possibly rain,but it will probably be sunny again.--- Are you going to ask him?---Maybe yes,maybe no.Which is the right size?What’s the size of your shoes?Sort these eggs by size.Would you like to try this jacket on for size,sir?sizeShe dressed herself hastily.The color of her dress suits her very well.She was dressed in black from head to toe.It’s a small informal party —you don’t have to dress up.Hurry up and get dressed.dressUnit 2The way we lookWhat can make you look cool?A pair of cool sunglasses.Unique clothes.A weird hairstyle.go shopping for sth.something fashionablecomfortablelook different逛街买---时髦的舒适的东西显得与众不同go forcatch one’s attention独特的长相去找;努力获取吸引注意力personal lookless well-known与---相比更喜欢---关心不那么有名prefer---tocare aboutimprove one’s speedscore那不是重点赚很多钱提高速度分数That’s not the point.make a lot of moneyabove all巧妙的广告重要的是clever advertising显示个性show off one’s personality成功做到succeed in doing sth.say sth.about对于---说明表明---This type of shoes is in fashion now.It became fashionable to wear glasses.Really? I thought it was out of fashion.This music is too old-fashioned to appeal to young people any longer.He focused his attention on the map.She paid close attention to the details.He waved his hand to catch my attention.attentionThe secret of a good memory is attention,and attention to a subject depends upon our interest in it.May I have your attention,please?We should take care not to hurt our environment.He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.careHe doesn’t care for fish.Would you care for something to drink?I do not know whether you care to answer right away.careMost children prefer playing to working,but Jenny is an exception.


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