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The weird world of plantsppt课件内容预览:comfortenjoymentharvestaffectionrefreshmentpurity…They are all common plants.roottrunkbranchleafIt’s weird!Guess the unusual features:It’s so special and unusual!ppt4meters6-7kilonasty smellleaves,stem,rootNoWhat other weird plants have you known?Why are they considered weird?Maybevery tinyvery hugehave lots of bodyguardslive up to thousands of yearscatch and eat insects?B1 Look at the title,the pictures and the introductionon the next page. Answer the following questions.Which of these things did Simon probablyexpect to see in the movie?B2 Scan the passage quickly and find out the names ofplants which match the descriptions in the table below.the lichen plantthe giant redwood treethe Venus flytrapthe gingko treeRead the passage again,then finishD2andD3.The answers toD3.The leaves suddenly shut like teeth and trap the insect in a little prison. Then the Venus flytrap absorbed it after it dies.Plants can be as small as one cell.The lichen plant grows on stones and it takes a hundred years to grow a few centimetres.The giant redwood tree is the world’s hugest living thing. The largest one is in California. It is 84metres high.5. A gingko tree was discovered in Hebei Province. It is believed to be around 2,800years old.6. A type of pine tree in California is the oldest tree in the world. It is more than 4,700years old.7. This type of tree provides the ants with a home and food while the ants defend the tree from other insects or animals that come near,and even remove other plants that grow close by.Read for detailsthe Venus flytrapParagraph oneleaveshairsinsectstouchshutmovebecome trappeddieabsorb(吸取吸收)appearance weird charactersWatch a video again and try to describe the processcorrectly and vividly.touch shutmovebecome trappeddieabsorb(吸取吸收)absorb (v.)take in sth…吸收…absorption (n.吸收,专注)1.The heat is absorbed by the water.2.Black walls absorb a lot of heat during thedaytime.She seemed completely attracted by her book.absorbed (adj.)全神贯注的,被吸引的…be absorbed in…She seemed totally absorbed in her book.trap (n.)陷阱,圈套a mousetraplay the trap 设置陷阱set the trap 布下圈套trap (v.)be trapped他被困在电梯里。He was trapped in the elevator.bit by bit ----little by little 一点点地slowly and graduallyRead paragraph 2and 3and then make a comparison.the lichen plantthe giant redwood treeas tiny as one cellgrow the most slowlyIt takes ___________________to grow ___________________.the giant redwood treethe hugest living thing84meters high


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