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Why don’t you talk to your parents ppt课件介绍

Why don’t you talk to your parents ppt课件内容预览:一、每空1分1.relations 2.neverous 3.explain4.communication 5.allow 6.worried7.Copying 8.pressure 9.comparing10.competition二、每个2分1.give sth.back to sb./return sth.to sb.2.look through 3.allow sb.to do sth.4.work out 5.big deal 6.argue with sb./have a fight with sb./get into a fight with sb.7.offer to do sth.8.in one’s opinion9.compete with sb.10.compare with…三、每题2分1.A2.A3 A4.B5.B四、每空2分1.to have 2.writing 3.hanging 4.to let,watch5.asking 6.speaking 7.to have 8.Comaring9.smoking五、每空0.5分1.Why not ask 2.to have 3.provide for4.don’t think he should 5.so that6.did my homework instead of watching TV六、每空0.5分1.had a fight with 2.get on/along well with3.explain to 4.proper communication5.too much pressure 6.big deal 7.left8.spends time alone 9.compete and win10.The Greens typical 11.think for themselves七、每题3分1、也许让你的孩子做家务是件困难的事情。2、B3.(1)we should (let the kids know why theyneed to do chores for the family and )givethem some instructions before they start.(只答we should give them some instructionsbefore they start也对。(2).Because they think allowance can letthe kids lWhy don’t you talk to your parentsearn the value of hard work andsave for things they want.4.To show them how to do it is important.



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