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Where did you g o on vacation ppt课件内容预览:Section B(2a-2e)Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?Words and expressionsactivitydecidetryparaglidingfeel likebirdbicyclebuildingtraderwonderdifferencetop活动决定,选定尝试,设法滑翔伞运动给…的感觉,感受到鸟自行车建筑物商人想知道,琢磨差别,差异顶部Words and expressionswaitumbrellawetbecause ofbelowenoughhungry等待,等候雨伞潮湿的因为,由于在…下面足够的,充足的饥饿的2a. Discuss the questions with your partner.1. What do people usually do on vacation?2. What activities do you find enjoyable?2b Did Jane have a good time on Monday?Monday ,July 15thI arrived in Penang in Malaysia this morning with my family. It was sunny and hot,so we decided to go to the beach near our hotel. My sister and I tried paragliding. I felt like I was a bird. It was so exciting! For lunch,we had something very special-- Malaysian yellow noodles. They were delicious! In the afternoon,we rode bicycles to Georgetown. There are a lot of buildings now,but many of the old buildings are still there. In Weld Quay,a really old place in Georgetown,we saw the houses of the Chinese traders from 100years ago. I wonder what life was like here in the past. I really enjoyed walking around the town.一、请找出对话中的动词过去式并写出它们的动词原形arrived-was-decided-tried-felt-had-were-rode-saw-enjoyed-arriveam/isdecidetryfeelhave/hasarerideseeenjoyPhrases (短语):arrive indecide to do sth.try doing sth.feel likeenjoy doing sth.walk around到达决定做某事尝试着做某事给…的感觉,感受到喜欢做某事四处走走Language points.Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?Section B2a-2b1.arrive不及物动词,意为“到达”。arrive in 表示到达较大的地方,如国家、省、市等;arrive at 表示到达较小的地方,如机场、商店、广场、村庄等。e.g. The books will arrive tomorrow.这些书明天到。We arrived in Beijing yesterday.我们昨天就到北京了。I arrived at the train station very early.我很早就到了火车站。Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?Section B2a-2b2.decide意为“决定,决心”。decide to do sth.意为“决定去做某事”。e.g. They decide to visit the museum.他们决定去参观博物馆。Language points.3.try意为“尝试,试图,设法,努力”。e.g. She is trying my bicycle.她正在试骑我的自行车。try doing sth.尝试着做某事,表示一种尝试、做做看的想法,不一定付出很多努力。e.g. I tried calling him,but no one answer.我试着给他打电话了,但是没人接听。try to do sth.尽力、设法去做某事,表示想尽一切办法要把事情办成,强调付出一定的努力设法去完成。e.g. I'm trying to learn English well.我正尽力把英语学好。Language points.4.exciting形容词,意为“令人兴奋的,使人激动的”。通常用来形容事物。e.g. That basketball game was very exciting.那场篮球赛让人感到非常兴奋。excited形容词,意为“感到兴奋的,激动的”。通常用来形容人。e.g. Mark was excited to see the basketball player.马克看到那个篮球运动员很激动。The exciting news made us excited.这个振奋人心的消息让我们感到很兴奋。Language points.5. In Weld Quay,a really old place in Georgetown,we saw the houses of the Chinese tradres from 100years ago. I wondered what life was like here in the past.在乔治市的海乾,一个很古老的地方,我们能看到来自100年前中国商人住过的房屋。我想知道这儿过去的生活是什么样的。Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?Section B2a-2b6.enjoy及物动词,意为“喜爱,欣赏,享受……的乐趣”,其后接名词、代词或者动词作宾语。e.g. Do you enjoy your job?你喜欢你的工作吗?enjoy doing sth.=like to do/doing sth.喜欢做某事e.g. I enjoy reading books.我喜欢读书。enjoy oneself 意为“玩得高兴,过得愉快”,相当于have a good time或have fun。e.g. Peter enjoyed himself at the party last night.彼得在昨晚的聚会上玩得很开心。Tuesday, July 16thWhat a difference a day makes! My father and I decided to go to Penang Hill today. We wanted to walk up to the top,but then it started raining a little so we decided to take the train. We waited over an hour for the train because there were too many people. When we got to the top,it was raining really hard. We didn’t have an umbrella so we were wet and cold. It was terrible! And because of the bad weather,we couldn’t see anything below. My father didn’t bring enough money,so we only had one bowl of rice and some fish. The food tasted great because I was so hungry!一、请找出对话中的动词过去式并写出它们的动词原形decided-wanted-started-waited-were-got-was-didn’t-couldn’t-had-tasted-decidewantstartwaitaregetam/isdon’t/doesn’tcan’thave/hastastePhrases (短语):want to do sth.=would like to do sth.start doing/to do sth.wait forbecause of想要做某事开始做某事等待,等候因为,由于7. What a difference a day makes!一天的差异是多么大呀!difference 可数名词,意为“差别,差异”,其形容词形式为different,意为“不同的,有差异的”。e.g. What is the difference between this book andthat book?这本书和那本书之间的区别是什么?My schoolbag is different from yours.我的书包和你的不同。Language points.Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?Section B2a-2b8.start doing sth.意为“开始做某事”,同义短语:start to do sth.e.g. She started doi


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