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What were you doing when the rainstorm came ppt课件内容预览:Section B3a-Self CheckUnit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came?Look at the picture and talk about what you were doing when the plane hit the World Trade Center.3aMake notes about an event you remember well.First,write about the event(when and where it happened).An important event that I rememberwell was _____________________.It happened in/on _____________at /in __________________.3bWrite a short article about the important event in 3a. Try to write thWhat were you doing when the rainstorm cameree paragraphs.Next,write about what you and some of your friends were doing when this event happened.When I heard the news of this event/When this event happened, I was ______. My friends were ____________.Then,write about why this event was important.This event is very important to me because ____________./ I remember this event well because ___________________.写作指导Remember 5-whwhatwhenwherewhowhy1.in history 在历史上There were many dynasties in Chinese history.在中国历史上有许多朝代。2.on April 4,1968在1968年4月4日在表示具体某天时,用介词on on Monday3.was killed 被杀此处为一般过去时的被动语态(was+past participle)4.although (conj.)虽然在英语中不能与but连用;此外because与so也不能连用。5.over =more than 超过There are over 7,000students in our school.在我们学校有超过7000个的学生。6.the rest of …剩下的The rest of the students are from England.剩下的学生来自于英格兰。The rest of the paper is used for drawing.剩下的纸是用来画画的。7.in silence 安静地They just sit there in silence.他们只是很安静地坐在那里。8.have meaning to sb.对某人来说有意义This movie has special meaning to Lisa.这部电影对于丽莎来说有特别的意义。9. She remembers working in her office near the twotowers.I will remember to tell her about it.(还没告诉)Don't you remember telling me about it yester-day?(告诉过)remember to do sth.表示“记得去做某事(还没做)”;remember doing sth.表示“记得做过某事(已做过)”。1._____ I was walking home from school, I saw a strange lightin the sky. But _____ I pointed it out to my friend,it wentaway.2.______ I told my older brother about the strange light in thesky,he just laughed and didn't believe me.3.______my brother was laughing,the television news reportedthat other people had seen the light as well.WhilewhenWhenWhile1. Fill in the blanks with when or while.2. Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the wordsin brackets.When I____(be)in the sixth grade, I______(join)a piano competition. I________(practice)for four hours every day and my piano teacher _____(come)three times a week to _____(help)me. Then the big day finally _______(arrive). I____(be)so nervous when they _____(call)my name. I_____(go)up and _______(start)to play. While I______________(play),wasjoinedpracticedcamehelparrivedwascalledwentstartedwas playingeveryone ______(sit)still and listened. I played the song without any mistakes. Then I________(wait)for them to call out the winner. When I________(hear)my name,my heart ______(beat)so quickly I thought I would stop breathing. I couldn't believe it. I_______(win)! It ______(be)the happiest day of my life!sitwaitedheardbeatwonwas1. Please remember the new words and phrases in this unit.2. Write a short article about an important event.


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