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I want to be a basketball player 课件ppt内容预览:3a-4;shelf checkCompetition:I’m going to ---1.I’m thirsty.I’m going to drink some water.or I’m going to ….2.I’m hungry.3.I’m heavy.4.I’m not feeling well.5.It is hot.6.It’s 10pm now.7.The classroom isdirty.8.Tomorrow is mymother’s birthday.9.I’m not healthy.10.My English isnot good.11.I like musicvery much.12.I’m going to be aChinese teacher.13.I want to be agood student.14.New Year iscoming.Fill in the blanksstudy harddo his homework every dayget good gradesManueltake piano lessonslearn to play an instrumentLucypractice really hardgo to a summer campplay soccer every daymake the soccer teamKimHow is he she going to do it?What is heshe going to do?nameCheck your answersThere students made their New Year’s resolutions yesterday.Kim is going to make the soccer team. He is going to practice really hard,and he’s going to go to summer camp. He’s going to play soccer every day there.Check your answersLucy is going to learn to play an instrument. She is going to take piano lessons. Manuel is going to get good grades. He is going to study hard and do his homework every day.Let’s read:New Year’s Resolution SurveyResults1.Work harder in school . a jib as a language teacher inChinaPlay sports .Eat more vegetables .Learn a new language .Exercise more to keep fit .Study the subjects their children learn at school.6.7.What are yourNewYear’s resolutions?Report:In my group,xx isGoing to….A good plan is a good beginning to success好的计划是成功的开始What are you going todo this weekend?How are you going todo it?Where are you going?Who are you going to with?……Make aninterview:Weekend plans!用方框中说给词的适当形式填空sound ,make ,play ,take ,get ,eat1.I am going to ___________a soccer team.2. If you want to be strong ,you must___________healthier food.3.Are you going to__________piano lessonsthis year?4.I am going to __________an instrument.5.My New Year’s resolution is_______________________good grades.6.That __________good.makeeattakeplaytogetsoundsInterview your parents or friendswhat their New Year’s resolutionsare and write a report.

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