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What’s he doing ppt课件介绍

What’s he doing ppt课件内容预览:What’s he doing?He is …(What’s =What is)What’s she doing?She is …(What’s =What is)What’s she doing?She is …(What’s =What is)Talking on the phoneWhat’s she doing?She is …(What’s =What is)What’s he doing?He is …(What’s =What is)dancedancingWhat’s she doing?She is …(What’s =What is)pptWhat’s she doing?She is …(What’s =What is)smilesmilingExercises1.What ___you doing?I_______ (watch)TV.2.What ___he___(do)?He is ___ (run).3.XiaoWang ___ (write)a letter to her pen pal now.4.__your father ___(eat)lunch at 12:00?No,he___(not).aream watchingisdoingrunningis writingIseatingisn’tPhrases1.做作业2.写信给Mary3.去看电影4.做报告5.打网球6.看电视7.吃饭8.上网聊天9.电视节目10.做清洁11.举行晚宴12.听报告do one’s homeworkwrite a letter to Marygo to the moviesgive a talkplay tenniswatch TVeat have dinnertalk on the netTV showdo some cleaninghold a dinnerhave a talk倒装句Here are some of my photos.Some of my photos are here.在以here,there,now这些副词引起的句子中,动词往往是be,come,go时,通常用倒装句以引起听话人的注意.Here comes the bus.There goes the bell.集体名词familyThis ____(be)a photo of my family.My family ____(be)very large.His family ____(be)all teachers.isisare类似的词:group,class,team,club,armye.g:1.The class _____(be)reading .2.Class 85____(be)on the third floor.areisexercises1.门口有个Smith先生在等你。There is a Mr.Smith waiting for you at the gate.2.那听起来不错.That sounds good.3.我们别看电视了吧.Let’s not watch TV.4.多谢你的帮助。(Many)Thanks for your help.5.谢谢你送给我这么多照片。Thank you for sending me so many photos.6.我最后的机会来了。There goes my last chance.7..老板来了。Here comes the boss.Exercises用所给动词的适当形式填空。1.It’s time _______ (play)football.____ (put)on your shoes,please.2.My father is over there.He __________(clean)his car.3.Don’t____(do)it like that.Do it like this.4.Jim is good at ________ (swim).He swims well.5.Would you like ______ (play)football?If so,Let’s go and have a try.6.It’s 6o’clock in the morning.They _________ (have)their breakfast.to playPutis cleaningdoswimmingto playare having1.河边有许多男孩在钓鱼。___ the river,many boys ____ _____.2.他在写字嘛?--不,他在画画。___ he writing?---No,he ___ ____.3.你会做玩具飞机嘛?--不,但我哥哥会。Can you _____ a toy plane?---No,___ my brother ____.4.树下有一些女孩,其中有4人在打牌。_____ the tree,there are some girls,four ____ _____ are ______ ______.Byare fishingIsis drawingmakebutcanUnderof themplaying cardsHomework翻译句子1.Jim不但会说英语,也会讲汉语。



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