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Where did you go on vacation ppt课件内容预览:What do you think of the park?Central ParkcleanquietlargeWhat do you think of the apple?freshdelicioushealthyawfulWhat do you think of the people?friendlyunfriendlyWhat do you think of the beach?What do you think of the sea water?pptWhat do you think of the weather?Where did they go on vacation?What did they think of their vacations?went on a bus triprelaxingcomfortablewent to the museumboringwent to the restaurant had a party had foodawfulwent to the beachrelaxing beautifulcomfortableWhere did they go on vacation?What did they think of their vacations?1.Where did you go on vacation?2.What did you do when you wenton vacation?3.If you did only three things duringyour vacation,what did you do?Discuss:2aListen and match.guidecab2bListen and check().Fill in the blanks with was or were .Amy:How ___ your vacation,Lin ?Lin :It _____ pretty good.Amy:How _____ the beaches?Lin :They _____ fantastic.Amy:How _____ the weather?Lin :It _____ hot and humid.Amy:How _____ the people?Lin :They _____ unfriendly.waswerewerewaswaswerewerewasMake conversations like the one in 3a.Pairwork :仿照 3a 编对话Write about your vacations :For example :Last summer I went to the beach .My vacation was pretty good .I went there by bus and my bus trip was relaxing .The beach was very beautiful .It was sunny,cool and humid .the people were friendly and the food were delicious .I enjoyed my vacation very much and I hope to go there again .--When __ Mr.Green __ to thetown?--I think it __ last December.A.did..e;wasB.did..e;is C.does.e;isD.does..e;was单项选择2.--____ you ____ your key?--Yes.It was in my desk.A.Did;findB.Did;foundC.Did;look forD.Did;looked for(find 过去式:found )3._____ you busy last week?A.Are B.WasC.Were D.Did4.Your father _____ in themeeting-room just now.A.aren’t B.wasn’t C.weren’t D.didn’t5.____ you _____ seafoodyesterday evening ?A.Did;had B.Do;haveC.Do;had D.Did;have6.--Where were you a moment ago?--_________.A.I was ill.B.I had a big dinner.C.I was at the meeting.D.I wasn’t in.7.I finished ________ the story at11:00yesterday.A.to write B.write C .wrote D.writing8.--Where ____ he go on vacation?--He went to the mountains.A.is B.doesC.has D.did9.--How were the people there?--___ unfriendly.A.They are B.They wereC.He is D.She was10.What did you____ your vacations?A.think B.think of C.thought D.thought of(think 过去式:thought )11.We had great fun ____ in thebeach.A.to play B.playingC.play D.played12.--Where _____ you go yesterday?--I _____to the beach.A.did,go B.did,went

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