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Look it up 课件ppt内容预览:A. 28 days B. 29 days C. 30 days D. 31 days2. Who was the first astronaut to visit the Moon?A. Neil Armstrong B. LaikaC. Galileo D. Yang Liwei3. How often does Halley’s Comet pass nearthe Earth?A. Every 56 yearsB. Every 66 yearsA. Neil ArmstrongC. Every 76 yearspptA. The Himalayas5. Which are the largest animals in the world now?A. whales B. dinosaurs C. elephantsD. crocodiles6. The short form of the organization that protects animals.A. WTOB. APECC.UN D. SPCA7. Which animals can’t be seen on earth?A. pandasB. monkeys C. kangaroosD. dinosaurs8. Where did people first find the dinosaur fossils(化石)?A. In AmericaB. In England C. In ChinaD. In Greece9. The first theme(主题) park in the world --------Disneyland ParkA. whalesD. SPCAD. dinosaursB. In England10. When and where was the first Disneyland Park founded?A. In California in 1955 B. In New York in 1957C. In Los Angeles in 1955D. In Hawaii in 195711. How many Disneyland parks are there in the world?A. TwoB. Three C. FourD. Five12. Match the words with the people:Confucius inventorThomas Edison thinkerAlbert EinsteindoctorHua TuocartoonistWalt DisneyscientistA. In California in 1955D. Fiveskeletongentlefierce



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