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Making friends 课件ppt内容预览:1). using“wh” questions as a mainapproach.2). Review conjunctions (and ,but, so)3). Review articles (a, an)Period 7Chapter 1Mother: ________ his name?May: ________.pptMother: _______ does he live?May: In ___________.Mother: ______ old is he?May: ________.Mother: _____ _____ brothers and sisters does he have?May:_______ _______.Mother: _______ is his favourite hobby?May: Playing _________WhoWhat’sSimonWhereNewcastleHow12How manyOne brotherWhatchessAPair workAsk and answer questions in pairs aboutsome famous people, using the informationgiven.ProfileBirthdate: 91280Height: 7.5 ft (2.26m)Weight: 295 pounds (136 kg)Hometown: Shanghai, ChinaEducation: Shanghai SportsCollegePast Team: Shanghai SharksNBA Team: Houston RocketsNBA Position: CenterYears with NBA: Rookie,since 2002Yao MingLiu Xiang set a world record in the110-meter hurdles(110米栏)ProfileBirthdate: 7131983Height: 1.88mWeight: 74 kgHometown: Shanghai, ChinaEducation: East-China Normal UniversityFavourite food: sea foodFavourite hobbies: playing computer games;singing in KTVIntroduce a friend of yours to the classⅠ. 根据对话内容填入适当的疑问词。1. A: ________ do you live?B: I live at 208 Fuhua Road.2. A: ________ does your father work as?B: He is a fireman.3. A: ________ ________ students are there in your class?B: There are forty-five students.4. A: ________ is your English teacher this term(学期)?B: Miss Pei is.5. A: ________ is your birthday?B: September 29th.WhereWhatHow manyWhoWhenPeriod 8Chapter 1Making Friends


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