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Nice to meet you ppt课件内容预览:No. 6 Middle SchoolHu Ting教学目标 (Teaching aims)Language knowledgeLanguage knowledgepptCross-cultural awareness :Age:It’s impolite to ask ladies’ age when youtalktoforeigners.Name:Chinese name English nameNiShichun CharlotteNiFamily nameGiven name Family name Given name第一课时 (Period 1)After speaking, we do listening for Activity 3, 4 1. We can use Activity 4 to check students’ understanding for dialogue 3. And we can also use the form to check them .At last, we teach students how to write with the words in Activity 2.For example:Hello,class !I’myourEnglishteacher . I’m Chinese. You can call me Miss Ni. You are my students. I hope we’re friends in the school.Step 1:Introduction. Using these ways.My Chinese name is Ni Shichun. My English name is Charlotte. I’m an English teacher. You can call me Miss Ms Ni.I’m 39 years old. I’m from Beijing, China. I’m Chinese. I teach in Beijing No.80 Junior High School Guan Zhuang Branch. You’re my students. We’re good friends.Step 2:Ask students to introduce themselves with this pattern.She’s from Beijing, China.Q1:What’s the teacher’s family name?Her family name is Miss Li.Q2:Where’s she from?She’s from Wuhan, China.Q3:Is she Chinese or English?She’s Chinese.Q4:What’s the first girl’s name?Her name is Lingling.Q5:Where’s she from?Q6:What’s the boy’s name?His name is Daming.Q7:Is he from Beijing, too?Yes, he is.Q8:How old are Lingling and Daming?


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