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letter to a penfriend ppt课件内容预览:writing paperan envelopea stampgluewrite a letterglue信纸ppt胶水一个信封一封电子邮件一张明信片一台传真机a stamp一张邮票some gluea bottle of gluesome gluethree bottles of gluea piece of papertwo pieces of papersome glueThere _____(is ,are) a lot of writing paper on the desk.There _____ (isn’t ,aren’t) any water in the glass._____ (Is ,Are) there any apples on the desk ?There _____ (is ,are) some glue in the bottle .There _____ (is ,are) some bottles of glue in the box .There _____ (is ,are) some pieces of writing paper in the bag .isisn’tAreiswriting paperareareA: Can I have aansomethe…?B: What for?A:I want to…B: Sure. Here you are.Can I have aansome the …?What for?I want to …Sure. Here you are.完成对话,将方框中的序号填在对话里相应的横线上。Liu Tao: Mum, can I have some writing paper, an envelopeand some stamps, please?Mum: ________Liu Tao: I want to write a letter.Mum: Sure. __________Liu Tao: Thank you.Mum: _________Liu Tao: Peter.Mum: __________Liu Tao: He’s an English boy.Mum: ___________Liu Tao: He lives in London.A . Here you are.B . Who’s Peter?C . Where does he live?D . What for?E . Who do you want to write to?DAEBC根据短文内容,选择最佳选项。Hello, my name is Yang Ling. I am a girl. I am twelve. I live in Nanjing. There arefour people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my brother and me.My brother is twenty minutes older than me. We are twins.I am in No.3 Primary School. My school is not big, but it is very beautiful. Thereare some trees and a lot of flowers in it. We study Chinese, Maths, Science,Art, PE and some other subjects. I like English best. I’m good at playing


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