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语法考点专项突破ppt课件内容预览:1.动词不定式属于非谓语动词,在句子中可以充当除_______外的其他各个句子成分;谓语2.动词不定式通常有以下几种形式(以do为例请完成下表):to Be doneto have doneto Be doing3.在should like,would like,expect,want,refuse,decide,pretend,promise,decide,offer等后不能用动名词作宾语,只能用不定式作宾语。4.在make,let,have等使役动词或者hear,see,watch等感观动词后作宾补的不定式常省略____;但在这些词的被动式后作主补时,要加上____。(如例8)toto5.如果动词不定式的逻辑主语为这个不定式所表示的动作的承受者时,不定式一般就用被动语态形式。但在easy,difficult等少数形容词后的不定式,习惯上用主动形式表示被动意义。6.不定式做定语时的几种用法:(1)表将来。It’s hoped that the 16th Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou will be a great success.(2)序数词或最高级等后常用不定式作定语。She was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize.Mary is the best person to do the job.(3)常用来修饰chance,idea,ability,way,reason,time,fact,key,ambition等抽象名词。Last year I had a good chance to go abroad for further study.(4)动词不定式做主语和宾语时通常放在句子的后面,用it作形式主语或形式宾语。(如例4和例5)一、单句填空1. Energy drinks are not allowed ________(make)in Australia but are brought in from New Zealand.(上海)2. My parents have always made me ______(feel)good about myself,even when I was twelve.(江苏)to be madefeel3.With a lot of difficult problems________(settle),the newly-elected president ishaving a hard time.(上海)4.____________(complete)the project as planned,we’llhave to work two more hours a day.(湖南)to settleTo complete5.-The last one__________(arrive)pays the meal.-Agree!(全国)6. The parents hurried to the whole street ________(look)for the lost child.to arriveto look7. We find it impossible for work ___________(finish)ahead of time.8. He is said to__________(be)abroad many times.to be finishedto have been9. He pretended ____________(read)when the parents came into his bedroom.10. I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good _________(breathe).(宁夏)to be readingto breathe11. I hurried to the station only ______(tell)that the train had left five minutes before.12. To love and_________(love)is the one true happiness in life.to be toldto be love二、写作运用Zach Bonner,an American 12-year-old boy,whose wish is to be a philanthropist,is always willing to help children in poverty and raise awareness of homeless children. He feels it his duty to help them all the time.By the age of seven, Zach and his mother decided to create their own organization, Little Red Wagon Foundation,with its mission to help the poor kids and victims of natural disasters.He has spent 3years walking from Florida to Washington,persuading others to donate money,and the walk raised a lot of awareness and funds to help homeless kids. This year he will attempt to be the youngest on record to walk across the USA and everyone likes him to be praised for his devotion to the charity work.动词的-ing形式有以下特征:1.具有动词的特征,有时态和语态的变化,并可带状语、宾语等。当分词与其逻辑主语有动宾关系时,用_______语态。被动2.具有一般式(doing)和完成式(having done)之分,一般说来,一般式的动词与谓语动词_________发生,完成式表示其动作发生在谓语之_____。还有一般被动式(being done)和完成被动式(having been done)之别。同时前3.动词的-ing形式具有动词的特征,同时又具有名词、_________和________的特征,因此,它可以在句中作主语、______语、_______语、______语、___________语和状语。4.否定形式:not+动词的-ing形式。宾语补足语形容词副词表语定语宾语5.在suggest,keep,allow,finish,enjoy,mind,practice,avoid,admit,advise,consider,imagine,appreciate,escape等后不能用不定式作宾语;在forget,remember,regret,mean,try等动词后既可接动名词,也可接不定式,但意义差别较大。如:I forgot seeing her.我忘记见过她。(以前见过)I forgot to post the letter.我忘记寄信了。(信没寄)Knowledge is power.知识就是力量。6.在表示“需要”的need,want和require等后用-ing形式的主动形式表示被动意义,也可用不定式的被动式。一、单句填空1._________(walk)is a good form of exercise for both young and old.(全国)2. I can’t stand ________(work)with Jane in the same office. She just refuses _______(stop)talking while she works.(北京)Walkingto stopworking3. As a result of the serious flood,two-thirds of the buildings in the area need ___________________(repair).(陕西)4.- Robert is indeed a wise man.- Oh,yes. How often I have regretted ____________(not take)his advice!(安徽)repairing/to be repairednot taking5. At the beginning of class,the noise of desks____________________(open and close)could be heard outside the classroom.(全国)6. Isn’t it time you got down to ______(mark)the papers?(重庆)being opened and closedmarking7. Mr. Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to ________(set)up some schools for poor children.(上海)8. Having been ill in bed for nearly a month,he had a hard tim




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