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American literature 课件ppt内容预览:DellaJim,a poor couplethe day beforeChristmasthe couple’s homeDella wants to buy Jim a Christmas gift but does not have enough moneyDella sells her long,beautiful hair for 20dollars,with which she buys a gold watch chain forJimJim’s gold watchWhat were the couple’s two most precious possessions?Della’s hair1.James Dillingham Young was a rich young man.2.Della lived in a neighborhood with many treesand flowers.3.Jim and Della were a married couple.4. The living cost was greater than Della hadexpected.5.Della thought having a haircut will makeJimppthappy.6. Della decided to have her hair cut out of herlove forJim.FFTFTTrue or False :TCan you say something about these numbers?0.87Careful reading“Three times Della counted it. One dollar and eight-seven cents. And the next day would beChristmas.Della wept.”(Para1)Why did Della cry after counting the money she had been saving?3.“She stood by the window and looked out at a grey cat walking along a grey fence in a grey backyard.”(Para3)What does the color “grey”tell you?4.“Suddenly Della walked to the mirror. Her eyes wereshining.“(Para5)What does the word “shining”tell you?5.“And then she quickly did it up again. She hesitatedfor a minute and stood still while a tear or two fellon the worn red carpet.”(Para5)Why did Della do her hair up?Can you describe Della’s feeling from the words “hesitate”and “still”and the phrase “a tear or two fell…”?6.“The next two hours she was searching the storesfor Jim’s present…she had turned all of theminside out.”(Para7,8)Can you tell me why Della spent so many hours buying a watch chain instead of buying one in a shop at once?7.“She looked at herself in the mirror for a long time.”(Para9)What was she probably thinking about whenshe was looking at herself in the mirror?2. Why did the writer repeat the number“$1.87”again and again?Your understanding1. What words can you think of to describe her feeling?sad ,disappointed,worried,upset,desperate,helpless,devoted2. Explain the following sentences:1. Her eyes were shining.2.…,but her face lost its color withintwenty seconds.3. She hesitated for a minute and stoodstill while a tear or two fell on the wornred carpet.Step V Finish the next part of the storyGo on reading the story to find out what happened next and test your prediction.What is the climax of the story according to you?Check your understandingWhat does the story mainly tell us?(main idea)A. How to celebrate a happy Christmas for a young and rich couple.


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