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The Sounds of the World 课件ppt内容预览:Music 1Music 2Music 3Music 4AsiaRussiaSouthAmericaAfricaListening:So this isChristmasAnd what have you done?Another year overAnd a new one just begun.And so this isChristmasI hope you have funpptThe near and the dear onesThe old and the youngA merry merryChristmasAnd a Happy NewYearLet’s hope it’s a good oneWithout any fearHappyChristmasF: It’s not time to make a change,just relax take iteasy,you’re still young that’s your fault there’s somuch you have to know. Find a girl settle down.Ifyou want you can marry,look at me. I’m old butI’mhappy.I was once like you are now,and I know that it’snot easy,to be calm when you’ve found somethinggoing on. But take your time,think a lot,why thinkof everything you’ve got. For you will still be heretomorrow,but your dreams may not.S: How can I try to explain,cause when I do he turnsaway again. It’s always been the same old story.From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen,now there’s a way and I know that I have to go.Away, I know, I have to go.Father AndSonThey seek him hereThey seek him thereHis clothes are loudBut never squareIt will make or break himSo he’s got to buy the bestCause he’s a dedicated follower of fashionAnd when he doesHis little roundOn busy streetsOf old London townEagerly pursuing all the latest fads and trendsFor he’s a dedicated follower of fashionDedicatedFollowerofFashionLanguage points:1.practise v.实践;练习practise doing sth 练习做某事practice n.练习、实践Practice makes perfect.practical adj.实际的、实用的practised adj.熟练的、精通的He was a practised musician.2.suggestion nc.建议make suggestions 提出建议carry out the suggestions 执行建议My suggestion is that we ____________(add)somesand to the soil.(should)addsuggest vt.建议(+v-ingthat…)、暗示We suggested the work ______________(do)at once.I suggest ____________(hold)a meeting to discussthe problem.The expression on his face suggested that he _______(be)very angry at that time.(should)be doneholdingwasCAadvice nu.建议advise v.(+doingsb to dothat sb should do…)ask for one’s advicetakefollow one’s advice3. Where do you know the music comes from?插入语疑问词+do you knowbelievesuppose +陈述语序When do you suppose they will be back?I am not sure about what to mind 心里想着某事Who do you have in mind for the job?What do you have in mind for us to do?6. You want to find a good song to dance to rock music7. Have you considered doing...?你有没有考虑过…?consider doing 考虑做某事


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