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The next step ppt课件内容预览:2. What sport did he play at school?3. What sports did his Canadian friendsintroduce him to?More than one year.Football.Baseball and canoeing.Read the article quickly and answer the following questions.Read the article carefully and then answer the following questions.1. What is the article about?2. What was the hardest thing forQinXiaoyong when he went to university?3. What does Qin Xiaoyong learn aboutin his degree course ?4. How does Qin Xiaoyong keep in touchwith his family?ppt5. What is Qin Xiaoyong’s favouriteforeign food?6. What advice does Qin Xiaoyong giveabout money?7. What was Qin Xiaoyong’s room like?8. How do university students spend theirfree time?1. What is the article about?It is mainly about the first year of the writer’s life at university inCanada.2. What was the hardest thing for Qin Xiaoyong when he went to university?Leaving his family behind was the hardest thing.3. What does Qin Xiaoyong learnabout in his degree course?He learns about civil engineering,which is the study of how to build things like bridges and roads.4. How does Qin Xiaoyong keep intouch with his family?He keeps in touch with his family by e-mail.5. What is Qin Xiaoyong’s favouriteforeign food?His favourite foreign food is steak with mustard sauce.6. What advice does Qin Xiaoyong give about money?He thinks it is a good idea to squirrel some of your money away each week to make it last.7. What was Qin Xiaoyong’s roomlike?It was very small and rectangular with no bathroom.8. How do university students spend their free time?University students have a lot of free time for personal study,playing sports or just relaxing during the day.Careful reading: Fill in the blankapplycoursepermitsjungleaddressesregularlyprodigalsteakmustardvinegarsquirrelsemesterbattlegroundmillimetresrelaxingbatintroducedbaseballcanoeingpaddleThis past May I completed my first year at university in Canada,and I have learnt a lot.Preparing for my university, I needed to do many things. First, I had to choose which university to apply to,what course to study and which permits I needed to study abroad. At last, I decided on the East Canada TechnologyUniversity.I have made some big adjustments to my life since I moved to Canada. I missed my family a lot and I kept in touch with them by e-mail. Besides, I had to be accustomed to the food there.Before moving to Canada,my mother taught me how to look after myself,such as cooking and doing laundry.It has been exciting to move to Canada for higher cation,although I have been very


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