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the prefect copy ppt课件内容预览:Do you think human beings should be cloned? Work in pairs with your partner and discuss the questions below.Discussion:1. Do you think governments should pass laws to make human cloning legal or illegal? Why or why not?2. If you had a cloned brother or sister who looked exactly like you,how would you feel?What would the cloned baby call the original cell owner,motherfather or sisterbrother?Frankensteinby Mary WollstonecraftShelleyFrankenstein is a scientist. He creats a monster by experiment. The monster was kind,and ready to help others. But he is not accepted by the society just because of his ugly appearance. People around him refuse his kind offer and turn him down. Some even drive him away. He is eager to get love and happiness,but unfortunately what he gets is merciless chasing. He asks Frankenstein,the scientist to create a monster like himself so he can have a company,but again he was refused. In all his life he lives a miserable life. At last he cannot bear all these. He chooses to avenge humans. At last he dies together with his creator,Frankenstein.ReadingAnti-cloning.Now listen to the tape and answer the following questions.1. Does the article give an anti-or pro-cloning point of view,or both?2.What was the name of the first cloned mammal?3.Is Pauline Carter pro-or anti-cloning?BothDollyRead fast and decide T orF.1. People all over the world are happy about the idea of cloning human beings.2. Dolly,the first cloned mammal,is exactly the same as other sheep.3. According to the article,the scientist who created Dolly does not agree with cloning human beings.pptFFT4. Cloning can be used to cure diseases because it can produce new tissues and organs.5. Colin Jake is against cloning humans,just like PaulineCarter.6. Cloning human beings is illegal in many countries,so no scientists want to clone human beings.FFTFind the reasons why people are pro-or anti-cloning in the article and letters and write them down.cure diseases like cancerhelp those who are unable to havechildrenhelp those who want to clone theirdead childrencreate more diseases in the animal worldcloning shows no respect for human lifehuman life would no longer be uniquewe should be having fewer babies in order to rce Earth’s population,not cloning more1. On the other hand,many people,including some scientists,disagree and fear that if mankind interferes with nature in this way,they would be on their way to producing a real-life Frankenstein’s monster.另一方面,包括一些科学家在内的很多人则持不同意见,他们担心如果人们用这种方式干涉自然,那就可能离制造出一个现实生活中的弗兰肯斯坦怪物不远了。


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