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The environment 课件内容预览:M5U2The environmentreading1.I am talking to you about the way large areas of the world are damaged by industrial waste.我今天跟大家谈谈世界上大片区域是怎样受工业污染而被破坏的。名词Eg.1) Industrial waste must be prevented from polluting our rivers.2) Where do you put your kitchen waste.动词There is no use wasting time in discussing how it happened.形容词The probably threw it away,thinking it was waste paper.2. In addition,many sea creatures are being wiped out by fishing boats.1) In addition,there is one more point I would like to make.2) In addition to the sandwiches,Aunt Mary gave us cookies to bring to the picnic.3)In addition to the subjects already mentioned,students are also studying Biology.1) The environment he subjects already mentioned,students are also studying Biology.1)


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