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The Tang Poems ppt课件内容预览:你需要紧紧抓住这部分。2.Anyone who is addicted to reading bus tickets or cereal packets will understand the appeal of poems on the underground.任何一个喜欢阅读车票或者食品袋的人都很了解地铁诗歌的吸引力。be addicted to 表示“嗜好、热衷”,后接动名词,类似的用法:addict oneself to …“使……成瘾”He addicts himself to drinking and gambling.他酗酒赌博成瘾。3.London underground approved of the idea,and once sponsors had been found to pay the expenses for half the spaces..伦敦地铁同意了这个想法,并找到赞助人支付一半空间的费用,就……approved of表示“赞成、满意”I will never approve of your decision.我永远不会同意你的决定。4.The carriages were merry with a chorus of voices reading verse by Shelley,Burns and of course,by themselves.客车充满了乘客们齐声朗读雪莱、伯恩斯,当然还有他们自己的诗句的声音。a chorus of voices 表示“齐声”,相关的用法:a chorus of praise “齐声称赞”,in chorus “异口同声”Your suggestions were rejected in chorus.你的建议被大家一致否决了。ppt5.Hundreds of people corresponded with London underground suggesting poems,or just say thank you.许多人与伦敦地铁公司联系推荐诗歌或者表示感谢。在这个句子中,corresponded with 是字面意思,表示“与……通信、联系”。它还表示“对应、与……一致、符合,类似的短语为correspond toHis actions usually does not correspond to what he said.他的言行通常不一致。6.It catered for all tastes including living and dead poems from the homeland and from all over English-speaking world.无论出自本土和其它英语国家,还是出自在世的、已故的作家之手,诗歌迎合了各类品位。catered forto 表示“供应伙食、迎合”Our services can cater to every demand of our consumers.我们的服务能满足消费者的每个需要。7.The poems took on a new life when they were removed from books and placed alongside the adverts.当这些诗歌从书本中摘录并放在广告的旁边,他们又呈现出新的生命。took on 表示“披上、呈现、承担、接纳、流行”You can not take on the whole task individually.你个人不能承担全部的任务。Practices1.My parents did not _________ my marriage with Katrina.2.The government will ______ most of the investment in cation.3.We should _______ the need of our customers.4.They have expressed their supports to you ________.approve oftake oncater forin choruscorresponds withtake hold ofare addicted toaddict yourself to翻译句子1.孩子们对计算机游戏上了瘾。The children are addicted to computer games.2.我同意你去挣一些钱,可是请不要误了功课。I approve of your trying to earn some money,but please dont neglect your studies.3.信封上的名字与里面信上的名字是否相同?Does the name on the envelope correspond with the name on the letter inside?


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