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The Predictive Clause ppt课件内容预览:相当于一个形容词,修饰一个名词或代词(即先行词)。常紧跟在先行词后,作定语用。如:I don’t like the man who wears a beard.宾语从句的功用:相当于一个名词,作及物动词、形容词或介词后的宾语。表语从句的功用:如:I don’t know where I can got so much money.It depends on whether we have enough money.I am sure that he will come this afternoon.相当于一个名词,作连系动词。如:be,look,taste,seem 等后的表语。一、表语从句的定义:表语从句在复合句中作主句的表语。表语从句和主语指同一内容,它对主语进行解释、说明,使主语的内容具体化。二、表语从句的表现形式1.由从属连词引导。如:“that”“whether”The question is whether we should ask them for help.pptThe trouble is that he has never done the work before.2.由连接代词引导。如:“what” “who”“whom”“whose” “which”Guilin is not what it used to be.What she wants to know is which dress she should buy.3.由连接副词引导。如:“when”“why”“where”“how”“because”That is where Lu Xun used to live.That is why he didn’t pass the exam.4.另可由as if ,as though引导。如:It looks as if it were going to rain.表语从句两大要素:除that外的所有引导词都有自己的意义。除that,whether外的所有引导词都必须在从句中充当相应的成分。一些引导词的用法(一)That在表语从句中 ,又 。The fact is that he hasn’t yet recover from illness.The reason why he has to go is that his mother is ill in bed.既不充当成分 没有意义比较在定语从句中的用法:There are some films that I’d like to see.She is the only one among us that knows French.结论:that 在引导定语从句时,指事物,也可指人,在从句中作主语或宾语,作宾语时常可省略。一些引导词的用法(二)What 在表语从句中充当 表示.1.The question is what caused the accident.2.That mountain is no longer what it used to be .3.What he told you was what had been discussed at the meeting.主语、宾语 或 表语什么,什么样子,或所……的(人或事)另: what 不引导定语从句一些引导词的用法(三)Which 在引导表语从句时,常充当_____________表示 。如:I read about it in some book or another,but what I don’t know is which (book)it is.比较在定语从句中的用法:China is a country which has a history of 2000years.A dictionary is a book which gives the meaning of words.定语,表语其中哪一个结论:which在引导定语从句时,指事物,在从句中作主语或宾语,作宾语时常可省略。一些引导词的用法(四)当主句的主语为reason,或者是由why引导的从句时,与它们相关的表语从句用_________, 而不能由_______ 引导;because 引导表语从句时只能用于___________________________ 句型中。如:The reason why I was late was that I missed the train.I was late.ItThatThis was because I missed the train.that来引导


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