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the king of stonehenge ppt课件内容预览:4. It was built around 3000 BC.StonehengeHuge stone circles, in EnglandWho built Stonehenge?What was found in England by archaeologists on May 3, 2002?Why was the discovery important?Step 1 SkimmingThey found a grave of a man dating back to around 2300 BC.Because:A. His grave was the richest of any found from that period.B. He was buried three milesfrom Stonehenge.C. His homeland was in Central Europe.Step 2 ScanningPara 1-3What were found in the grave?ppt2.What is the use of everything found in the grave?They are for his use in the next life.A bone pinA copper knifeGold earringsTwo pots made of clayArrowheadA cushion stonePara 4-73.Why was he called the King ofStonehenge?4. What is a mystery of Stonehenge?5. Why does the King of Stonehenge have a high status in the eyes of local people?Because he came with the skills to make metal.It is a mystery how to build Stonehenge without modern machines and lorries.Because this man was powerful and built the Stonehenge.Step 4True or False1.The grave dates back to around 2300AD.2.He was buried on his right side with his face to the south.3.Buried with him were the tools of a hunter or warrior.4.Copper knife would have made him a man of distinction.5.A cushion stone lay next to them. The man could work metal upon it.FFTFT6.Gold earrings are the oldest gold found in the world.7. The smaller stones of Stonehenge came from east Wales.8. In the Bronze Age people made tools of copper and bronze.9.The skills to make copper were through trade and cultural links.10. The gold earrings came from France.FFTTFStep 5choose the best answerWhich are not included in the grave of a man?Tools,a bone pin, a bow and a cushion stone.A copper knife and two gold earrings.Two pots, arrows and materials to make arrows.Some chickens and grains.2. Why was the man buried in the grave called “ The King of Stonehenge?”He was buried three miles from Stonehenge.B. He had the oldest gold ever found in Britain.C. He might be a member of a power class who might have organized the construction of Stonehenge.D. All of the above.3. What doesparagraph 6 mainly talk about?How Stonehenge was built.To build Stonehenge was hard.It is a mystery how Stonehenge was built.D. Stonehenge was made of big Stones.4. Which of the following statement is true?The King of Stonehenge lived around 1000 BC.The objects found in the grave showed that the man was a rich and powerful man.The king of Stonehenge brought the skills to make copper to Britain through war.


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