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On friendship ppt课件内容预览:A faithful friend is better than gold.A friend is easier lost than found.Make new friends but keep the old.When friends meet, heart warm.Friendship is love with understanding.n.磁铁[体, 石]pptA magnet attracts iron nails.a natural magnet有吸引力的人[物]Dalian is a magnet for tourists.a. magnetic有磁力的,磁化的;有吸引力的,有魅力的a magnetic tape磁带a magnetic smile醉人的微笑a strong magnetic forceHe has magnetic personality.2. genuinea. 真诚的,真实的(情感)=true,sincerea genuine desire feeling lovepassiona genuine signaturea. 真正的(非假造的或虚假的)= reala genuine diamond pearlfriend paintingOn examination, we found the signature on the check genuine.She seems genuine but can I trust her?He showed a genuine sorrow at his friend’s death.She experienced a genuine feeling of happiness.genuinelyadv.genuinenessn.3. approachable adj.可接近的, 平易近人的, 亲切的(a person or a place )that can be approached ;accessibleThe top of the mountain is approachable only by going up some very steep steps.Professor Yang is always very approachable.approachvapproach old age the bed the problemapproach n.an approach to sth doing sthThere is no easy approach to mathematics.The new secretary won’t come until next week; in the meantime, we have arranged for a temporary one.In the accident, many people were killed, but meanwhile there were some who were unhurt.He was trying to cook; _____, the phone kept ringing.A. meanwhile B. latelyC. consequentlyD. relatively4,meanwhile = meantime adv. 同时, 此时;另一方面


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