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高一英语success stories ppt课件内容预览:Unit TwoSuccess storiesQuestionsWhat nationality is Michelangelo?What is he still remembered as?What kind of family was Michelangelo born into?What did Michelangelo do at an early age?When did Michelangelo start to work and learn in a workshop?Whom did the workshop belong to?Was Michelangelo able to learn all the skills of sculpture in the workshop?In this way,he wasn’t satisfied,was he?What did he do then?How did Michelangelo work?At what age did he become a well-known sculptor?In 1508.Michelangelo was given a task. What was the task?Did he accept the task?What did he do after he accept the task?How long did it take him to complete the paintings on the ceiling?This task was difficult;tell us how difficult was it?While working,what did Michelangelo have to do?Give us an example to describe he became so used to looking upward. Where were the great and huge paintings painted?What have the great and huge paintings ever since become?Did Michelangelo leave us with a small number of sculptures and paintings?Who must learn from his works today?What is the reflection of visitors to such tourist attractions?Language points1. Today he is still remembered as a great sculptor,painter,and architect.be remembered as……作为……为人们所记eg:1)爱因斯坦作为一个著名的科学家为人们所牢记.Einstein is still remembered as a famous scientist.2)柴可夫斯基作为天鹅湖的作曲家为人们所牢记.Tchaikovsky is still remembered as the composer of Swan Lake.类似的用法:be regarded as,be treated as,be looked on as,be thought of as,be considered as2.came from a poor family…was born into a poor familyeg:1)马丽出生在一个大城市,我出生在农村.Mary comes from a big city,and I from the country.2)她出生在一个音乐世家.She came from a musician’s family.3.at an early ageeg:1)很小就在国外学习不一定就好.Studying abroad at an early age is not always good.2)有人认为一个人应该很早就开始学英语,但另一些人不这么认为.Some people think one should begin to learn English at an early age,but others don’t think so.3)智慧随着年龄增长。Wisdom grows with age.be of an age同岁,in the digital/computer/electronic/stone/space age 在数字、计算机、电子,石器,太空时代,of the age当代的4.any other craftsman in Italy (except Michelangelo)any craftsman in Italy (including Michelangelo)5.belong to (无被动语态,不能用进行时态)eg:这本书属于我。The book belongs to me.2)这本书属于你吗?Does this book belong to you?3)这本书属于谁?Who does this book belong to?6.was able to learn all the skills=succeeded in learning all the skills7.satisfy v使……满意;n satisfaction adj satisfied 感到满意satisfactory 令人满意的satisfying 令人满意的他的知识和经历都符合公司的要求.Both her knowledge and experience satisfy the demands of the company.我对你的回答感到很满意.I felt satisfied with your answer.提供各种服务来满足消费者的需要。Various services are provided to satisfy customers’needs.8.by the time he was thirty到他十八岁时,他已经学了十年英语了.By the time he was 18,he had learned English for ten years.到他十八岁时,他将已经学了十年英语了.By the time he is 18,he will have learned English for ten years.到他十五岁时,他已经决定环游世界了By the age of 15,he had already determined to travel around the world.9.be regarded as被认为是曼德拉被认为是南非的英雄。Mandela is regarded as a hero of South Africa.亚伯拉罕林肯至今仍被认为是美国最伟大的总统之一。Abraham Lincoln is still regarded as one of the greatest American presidents to this day.10.turn down拒绝;关闭如果我的邀请被拒绝了我将感到很难过的I would feel sorry if my invitation is turned down.我关闭了空调.I turned down the air-conditioner.他的要求被拒绝了.His request was turned down.11.not…but…不是……而是……他不是一个作家,而是一个音乐家.He is not a writer but a musician.他射中的不是一头狮子而是十只.He shot not a lion but ten.12.agreeagree to do同意做他同意让我早点儿回家.He agreed to let me go home early.agree to sth 同意,赞同,宾语时某个具体的建议、计划、安排他打算同意我们的建议吗?Is he going to agree to our suggestion?agree with sb.跟…有相同的看法,跟人或意见、分析、想法或what….你同意我说的话吗?Do you agree with what I’ve said ?He agreed with your opinion.agree on sth.就某事达成协议我们就会议的日期达成协议.We all agreed on the date of the conference.agree that 一致同意,一致认为我们每个人一致认为有必要再开一次会.Every one of us agreed that another meeting was necessary.13.Shut himself up关门窗shut up the house十点打佯shut the shop at ten闭嘴!Shut up!14..alone 单独的(只作表语或宾补,不作前置定语);仅仅(放在名词或代词后)别管我。Just leave me alone.仅仅这双鞋就花了1000元。The shoes alone cost 1,000yuan.他独自一人住在那所大房子里.He lives alone in that large house.15.It takes sb time to do sth.=It takes time for sb to do sth.学生们通常每天要花两个小时完成他们的作业.It usually ta


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