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高一英语Women of achievement ppt课件内容预览:Womet of achievementUnit 1Section Ⅱ Learning about LanguageUnit 1观察思考用所给词的适当形式填空。①Following Jane's way of studying chimps,our group ________(be)all going to visit them in the forest.②Watching a family of chimps wake up ________(be)our first activity of the day.③Jane ________(have)studied these families of chimps for many years and helped people understand how much they behave like humans.④Everybody ________(sit)and ________(wait)in the shade of the trees while the family begins to wake up and move off.⑤We realize that the bond between members of a chimp family ________(be)as strong as in a human family.⑥When she first arrived in Gombe in 1960,it ________(be)unusual for a woman to live in the forest.答案:①are ②is ③has ④sits;waits ⑤is ⑥was一、基础点拨(一)名词作主语时的主谓一致1.只表示复数意义的名词people,police,cattle,poultry(家禽)等,形式上是单数,而意义上却是复数,谓语动词要用复数形式。Cattle are selling for record prices this year.牛今年的售价之高是创纪录的。2.集体名词crowd,family,team,group,government,committee,class,union,firm,staff,public等作主语时,谓语动词的数要根据语言内容而定。强调整体,谓语动词用单数形式,强调各个成员,则谓语动词用复数形式。The team is the best in this city.这个队是这个城市最好的队。The team are driving to the game in their own cars.(强调队员)队员们正驾驶自己的车前往赛场。3.只作不可数名词的集体名词clothing,baggage/luggage,furniture,scenery,jewellery,equipment等作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式。The baggage was brought from the attic for packing.把行李从阁楼上搬下来打包。The furniture was made according to her order.家具是按她的要求定做的。4.单复数同形的名词means,sheep,deer等,据其表达的单复数的意义而定。The quickest means of travel is by plane.最快的交通方式是乘飞机。There wasn't a sheep in sight.一只羊也看不见。The sheep are safe in the sheepfold.羊在羊栏里很安全。5.只有复数形式的名词goods,clothes,remains等,谓语动词用复数形式。There're a large variety of goods in the shops.商店里有各式各样的商品。6.表示成双成套的名词glasses,trousers,shoes,scissors,gloves等,谓语动词用复数形式。My trousers are too tight,so I have to change them for another pair.我的裤子太紧了,因此我只好换另一条。名师点拨按“量”则不同表示成双成套的名词前若有pair of,type of等修饰,谓语动词的单复数根据量词的形式确定。A new pair of trousers was bought by my aunt yesterday.昨天我姑姑买了一条新裤子。(二)并列结构作主语时的主谓一致1.由and或both...and连接,其内容是复数,谓语动词需用复数。Both the artist and his student are going to Beijing next week.下周这位艺术家和他的学生打算去北京。2.由or;either...or...;neither...nor...;not only...but also...;not...but...等连接主语时,谓语动词单复数须与就近的名词或代词一致。Either he or his friends are to give us a hand.他或者他的朋友们计划帮我们一把。3.主语后有with,together with,as well as,like,along with,rather than等词或短语时,谓语动词的单复数仍与主语一致。He,together with his classmates,is going to go swimming tomorrow afternoon.他和他的同班同学打算明天下午去游泳。(三)数量概念作主语时的主谓一致1.表示时间、距离、长度、重量等的复数名词短语作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式。Ten years isn't a very long period.十年不是一段很长的时期。2.some,most,rest及分数、百分数等作主语时,谓语动词的单复数根据所代替的名词确定。Some of the students are from abroad.(some指代学生们)一些学生来自国外。—Is there any more tea?——还有茶吗?—Yes,some is left.(some指代茶)——有,还剩一点。3.a number of+复数名词+谓语(复数)。A number of new buildings have just been finished.很多的新楼刚刚建成。4.the number of+复数名词+谓语(单数)。The number of chairs in the classroom is 60.教室里有60把椅子。5.quantities of+复数名词/不可数名词+谓语(复数);而a quantity of+复数名词/不可数名词,谓语动词的单复数取决于后面的名词。Large quantities of water are needed for cooling purpose.冷却要用大量的水。A quantity of food has been sent to the disaster-stricken area.大量的食物被送往了灾难袭击的地区。(四)不定代词作主语时的主谓一致1.either,neither,each,little,much等作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式。Each of us has a company car.我们每人都有一辆公司的汽车。2.both,few,many,several等作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式。Both of them swim well.他们俩都很会游泳。3.all指可数名词复数作主语时,谓语动词形式用复数;若指不可数名词作主语,谓语动词形式用单数。All of us were disappointed by him.他使我们大家都失望了。All of his advice is very important to us.他的所有的建议对我们来说很重要。4.none指可数名词复数作主语时,谓语动词形式单、复数均可;若指不可数名词作主语,谓语动词用单数形式。None of the money is mine.这笔钱没有一点是我的。None of the guests want to stay.客人中没有一个想留下的。二、难点突破特殊结构作主语时的主谓一致。1.由and连接的并列单数主语前若有no,each,many a,every等修饰,谓语动词要用单数。Each boy and each girl is asked to be dressed in a school uniform.每个男孩及每个女孩都被要求穿校服。Many a book and many a dictionary was bought for the school.为这所学校买了很多的书及词典。2.当and连接的两个词指同一个人或事物时,谓语要用单数。The writer and teacher is giving a lecture to the students.这位作家兼教师正在给学生们做报告。3.many a/more than one/one of+单数名词+谓语(单数)。Many a book is handed out among the readers.很多书被分发给了读者。4.the+形容词作主语。The poor are in need of help.穷人们需要帮助。5.在there be句式中,谓语动词与就近的名词单复数一致。There is a dictionary and some papers on the desk.桌上有一本词典和一些


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