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Are you experienced ppt课件内容预览:Rock climbingBungee jumpingskateboardskateboardingOn weekends what do Lin Yong and his friends usually do after finishing their homework?2.When and how did they come up with the idea to build the ramp?3.What is their skateboarding club called ?They will go to the park to do skateboarding.Three years ago after watching a skateboarding competition onTV.Fun OnWheels.4.What is the goal of skateboarding competition ?5.Is the sport too dangerous in their opinion?The goal is to have fun and enjoy the excitement of trying something new.No,they don’t think so. Because they all wear helmets and other equipment to protect themselves. They don’t let anyone try a dangerous trick unless they are sure that they are skilled enough to perform it safely.Read the text again and answer the following questions:‘360’and ‘hang ten’are two skateboarding terms. Can you guess what they mean?ppt2.How are ‘extreme sports’different from traditional sports?‘360’means to make a circle in the air.‘Hang ten ‘means to ‘skateboard’.Extreme sports are about beauty,harmony and thrills. They do not have rules about winning and losing. The goal is to have fun and the excitement of trying something new.3.What is the ‘X-factor’?4.What kind of safety equipment do skateboarders use?5.Why do you think some people like extreme sports?The ‘X-factor’means the pure joy of doing something that you did not think you could do and overcoming your fears.All the riders wear helmets and other equipment to protect themselves.They like the feeling,the excitement and the thrill that extreme sports bring.enthusiastic,brave,,experienced,cautious,delighted,energetic,skilful,friendly,interested,athletic,outgoing,powerful,responsibleCurious,friendly,interested,delightedenthusiasticEnthusiastic,curious,friendly,braveouting,athleticexperienced wise,kind ,responsible1.a dozen of 一打,十二个a dozen (of)eggsa dozen of those apples a dozen of themtwo,many,several dozen of pens 跟数词many several连用不能加sdozens of 几十;许多for dozens 好几十年以来by the dozen 按打,以打计算in dozens 成打地2.head vi.前往;朝向head down to 开往;前往;朝向更常用head forhead for townhead south northhead homeWhen I saw the car heading for me, I stepped aside.You are heading for an accident when driving after drinking .3.skillful skillful at sth doing sthbe skilled in at sth doing stha skilled worker4.permit V.permission n.permit doingpermit sb to do…with one’s permission 经某人许可ask for one’s permissionwithout one’s permissiongive sb one’s permission5.hold a grand opening6.together with as well asThe teacher together with as well as his students is going to the cinema tonight aroundI’ll be around by nine at the latest .You haven’t been around for days . What’s up?Films of this kind was around in the 1930’s .as a result of =because of =owing toas a result =thereforeresult in fromHis laziness resulted in his failure in the final exam .= His failure in the final exam resulted from his laziness .


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