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Festivals around the world-grammar ppt课件内容预览:情态动词的语法特征can,could 和be able to的用法She canbe able to sing the song in English.This machine can make you feel comfortable.1.can,be able to都可表示“能力”Can的主语是人或物,be able to的主语是人We’ll be able to finish the work soon.I haven’t been able to see the film.Although the soldier was badly wounded,he was able to tell what had happened.She ran fast but she couldn’t wasn’t able to catch the bus.表示过去的能力4.could不表示时态 ,表示委婉的请求,(注意在回答中不可用could)。Can this news be true?How can you be so foolish?It can’t be Mary.She has fallen ill.ppt5.表示“惊异,怀疑,不相信”的态度(主要用于否定句,疑问句和感叹句中)6.表示推测,译为“可能、或许”,can常用于否定句(意思是"不可能已经")和疑问句;could除用于否定句及疑问句外,还可用于肯定句(意思是"那时可能;本来可以")。may和might---May I use your pencil?---Yes,you may.No,you mustn’t.1.may和might 用于一般问句中表示委婉的请求,肯定回答用may,否定用mustn’tShe may not be working now.John might be at home now.2.may和might表示“可能性”,maymight +v 指现在或将来可能发生的动作情况。might暗示的可能性更小She maymight have gone to the cinema.They maymight not have received our telephone.3.对过去发生的事情的可能性作出判断用maymight have done,用might比用may的可能性更小Will 和 wouldIf you will help me with my English,I will be very happy.I promised that I would do my best.1.will和would表示意愿、意志,可用于各种人称Will you tell him the news as soon as he comes back?Would you please speak again more slowly?2.在疑问句中,will用于第二人称,表示请求或征求意见,would则语气更委婉shall ,should 和ought toYou shall do as I say.(命令)Tell him that he shall have the book tomorrow.(允诺)Nothing shall stop me doing it.(决心)1.shall用于第二、三人称表示允诺、警告、命令、决心等。Shall I open the window for you?(征求意见)Shall he fetch some water for you?(请求)2.在疑问句中,用于第一、三人称,用来表示请求或征求意见。Young people should learn how to use computers.Every citizen ought to obey law.You ought not to go.3.should常表示劝告、建议、命令,与ought to意义相近,但ought to多表示责任、义务,语气强烈。在疑问句中通常用should代替ought to。You shouldought to have told her the truth earlier.She shouldn’t have left without saying a word.4.shouldought to have done表示责备或批评,意为“本应该做到…但没有做到…”,用于否定则表示“本不该…但”ought to的语气更强烈.I don’t like this TV set.We must buy a new one.There was no more bus.They had to walk home.He must come and worry her with question,just when she was busy cooking the dinner.Of course,after I gave her my advice,she must go and do the opposite。

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