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Warming up and speaking ppt课件内容预览:_________________.2.The basic equipment______________ ________is simple.you needthat (which)you can use to paddle down rivers and streamsAttributive clausefor hiking(that)4.He is a successful manager in a company ____________________________________.that ( which)sends mail all over the world.5.Chuck Noland is a businessman _______________________________________________________________.who (hat)is always so busy that he has little time for his friends3.There are more than 42countries ____________________________________.where the majority of the pople speak English.Zhang Heng was a famous scientistwho made the earliest seismograph in 132.pptHoward Carter who was born in 1874,is the man that found King Tut’s tomb in 1937.“Titanic” is the ship that which sank after hitting an iceberg.④Beijing is the city which has got the chance to host the 2008Olympic Games.SpeakingDescribe the emotionsHelp!Don’t worry.I’m afraid.I’m afraid to...Don’t be afraid.You can do it.I’ll be OKall right.Come on!It scares me!It’s all right.Well done!That’s better.Keep trying.1.Anna who is playingtennis used to takeswimming lessonswith my sister.P 2P 3P 42.The girl whoseleg was broken in the earthquake was taken to hospital.P 2P 3P 43.The little boywhose eyes areblue is holding adog.P 2P 3P 44.The old manwhose house ison fire isshouting for help.P 2P 3P 4Picture 2A:Doctor,let me get out of the bed.I will not go.B:Why is that?A:Help!My family,where is myfamily?B:Don’t worry.Everything will beall right.P 2P 3P 4A:My parents.Where are they?Have they been saved?B:Please be calm.It’ll be OK.A:What’s the name of the hospitalthat you are taking me to?B:Number 44.Don’t worry.It’s allright.P 2P 3P 4Picture 3A:Is this the dog that you want us totake care of?B:Yes.Xinxing is my favorite dog.Will you take good care of him?A:Of course.Don’t worry.B:Is there anything that we shouldremember?P 2P 3P 4A:Don’ t give him any milk.Hereally likes a walk in the parktwice a day.B:We’ll take good care.Don’tworry.Everything will be allright.P 2P 3P 4Picture 4A:Help!Help!Help!B:Please step aside (Please keepaway from the fire.)Everythingwill be OK.A:You don’t understand.(No,Icannot.)There’s still a little girlinside.P 2P 3P 4B:What?(Jesus!)Where is she?A:In her bedroom.Oh,I’m soworried.B:Which room is that?A:It’s the room on the second floor.B:Don’t worry.We’ll find her.Don’tbe afraid.P 2P 3P 41.Practice the phrases on page 24.2.Write at least four sentenceswhich consist of the Attributive


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