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The story of Atlanta ppt课件内容预览:Scanthe passage and find the answers:Who was Atlanta?What was she good at?Who did she want to marry?ppt2. What was she good at?She was a Greek princess.She was good at running.Who did she want to marry?4.How could he Hippomenes win Atlanta?She wanted to marry a man who couldrun faster than her.He asked for help from the Greek Goddessof Love. The Greek Goddess of Love gavehim three golden apples to attract Atlanta’sattention and make her slow down.1. marry结婚,嫁,娶A marry BMary married a rich Frenchman last year.marry A to B把A 嫁给BHe married both his daughters to richbusinessmen.adj.marriedA get be married (to B)She has been married for two years.n. marriageamazed= surprisedbe amazed at sthbe amazed to do sthbe amazed that…I was amazed at zhang Zhan’s death.I was amazed to hear about his death.I was amazed that he had passed away.amazing = surprising 令人惊奇的3. promisepromise sthHe promised a gift for my birthday.promise sb sthHe promised me a gift for my birthday.promise (sb) to do sthHe promised to buy me a mp3.promise sb that…He promised that he would buy me a mp3.make give a promise 许下诺言keep a promise 遵守诺言carry out a promise 履行诺言break a promise 违背诺言Do you know any stories or persons in ancient Greek?Warming up (3m)Extensive ReadingLet’s read more about ancient Olympic Games.Read the text and find out the main ideas of each part.Main ideas of each part:Daily chronicle: It describesthe opening ceremony of the ancient Olympic Games.The dialogue: It tells us the training life of a successful athlete and the rewards that he got for winning the match.Women at the games: A women was discovered in the Olympic Games. She aroused some argument. A law was passed that women were not allowed to take part in the Games.


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