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School life in the UK ppt课件内容预览:Something about Tiger黄长泰泰哥TigerChineseFuzhong11-50513874886080ppt8852747Questions to answer:Part 21. Why do you come to school?To learn how to learn.2. What is the best way to learn English?To learn a language by using it often.3. What do you think of English grammar?Practice is more important than grammar.Something about each unitPart 3第一课时: 本单元学习目标说明+词汇(阅读部分)+Welcome to the unit第二课时:Reading Comprehension第三课时:Reading: Language points (1)第四课时:Reading: Language points (2)第五课时:Word power(Iris)第六课时:Grammar and usage (1)第七课时:Grammar and usage (2)第八课时:Tasks: Skills building 1 and 2 (Iris)第九课时:Tasks: Skills building 3(Iris)第十课时:Project: (1)Reading + Language points第十一课时:Project: (2)Language points + Presentation第十二课时:Test on the unit第十三课时:试卷讲评 + self-assessmentImportant things to do1. Before class:1) Preview the unit to be learnt.2) Learn the new words by heart.3) Read aloud the new text twice.4) Listen to the recording of the new text.5) Try to find more information about the unit.Part 42. During class:1) Listen carefully.2) Be active in class activities.3) Take necessary notes.4) Do your best to speak English.We speak English when possible and Chinese when necessary.3. After class:1) Complete all the homework andhand it in on time.2) Review what is taught in class.3) Do some English reading andlistening as is required.4) Try to speak English as muchas possible.4. Something about homework:1) Forms of homework:


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