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Acceptance & Orders ppt课件内容预览:Chapter 7conclusion of businessWriting Stepsexpress pleasure in receiving the offer;confirm the conclusion of the business and point out the full details of article number,quantity,specification,quality,unit price,total value,shipment,packing,insurance and terms of payment as agreed upon in preliminary negotiations between the exporter and the importer;hope for further orders;A satisfactory order letter should include :Writing StepsA satisfactory reply to the order will include :express pleasure in receiving the order;add a favorable comment on the goods ordered;include an assurance of prompt and careful attention;draw attention to other products likely to be of interest;hope for further orders;一项有效的接受一般具备以下条件:Useful ExpressionsWe accept your firm offer.We have accepted your firm offer.受盘人对一项实盘的完全接受发盘所规定的受盘人表示才有效受盘人在发盘的有效期内或合理的时间内表示接受才有效应由受盘人采用声明或做出其他行为的方式表示,并且这种表示传达给发盘人才开始有效Specimen Letter 1Dear Sirs,We appreciate your immediate response dated June 20to our request for a 5reduction in price and through your full cooperation we have been able to confirm the following order with you at your revised price:"Thirty metric tons of Bitter Apricot Kernels at $1750.00per metric ton CFR Qingdao for shipment in August."Enclosed please find our Purchase Confirmation No.369in duplicate. Please sign and return one copy for our records as soon as possible.We are arranging for the establishment of the relative letter of credit with the Bank of China, Sweden,and shall let you know by fax as soon as it is opened.As we are in urgent need of the goods,we find it necessary to stress the importance of making punctual shipment within the validity of the L/C;any delay in shipment would be harmful to our future business.Yours faithfully,Language Points2.for one’s records 供某人存档;供…存查for one’s file 供某人存档;供…存查to complete one’s records 供某人存档/归档be on file 存档;归档这是我方关于中东情况的存档资料。Here is our file on the Middle East.1.confirm the following order with you 确认向你方订购confirm having placed the order with you 确认向你方订购我们高兴地确认已与你方达成一百公吨核桃仁的交易。We are pleased to confirm having concluded with you a transaction of 100metric tons of walnutmeat.We confirm having accepted your offer on the following terms and conditions:兹确认已按下列条款接受你方的报盘:Language Points3.arrange v.安排;筹备;后接介词forarrange for do sth 安排…做某事arrange for do sth 安排…做某事我已安排小汽车到机场迎接贸易代表团。I have arranged for a car to pick the trade delegation up at the airport.泰德已安排此人参加交易会。Ted had arranged for this man to attend the Fair.4.delay v.耽搁;延误;推迟delay in shipment 在某方面的延误delay of 延误若干时间Excuse us for delay in answering your letter.这将造成约六天的延误。This will cause a delay of about 6days.原谅我方没有及时回信。Language Points5.order n.订单fresh order 新订单new order 新订单initial order 初次订单trial order 试订单repeat order 续订单duplicate order 重复订单outstanding order 未完成订单pending order 未完成订单to accept an order 接受订单to confirm an order 确认订单to cancel an order 取消订单Language Pointsto withdraw an order 取消订单to turn down an order 拒绝订单to decline an order 谢绝订单to fulfill an order 执行订单to execute an order 履行订单to carry out an order 执行订单Difference between repeat order &duplicate orderduplicate order:指与原订单除了装运期不同外,其它交易条件与原来订单完全一致。repeat order:指除交货期外,其它交易条件等未必与原订单相同的订单。Language Points假如你方价格可行,我们将向你方试购80箱红茶。We shall place a trial order with you for 80cases of Black Tea if your price is workable.你方得告知我们你方要订购的数量。You have to give us an idea of the quantity you wish to order.很高兴从你五月二十八日传真中得知你方已决定订购一百套试试销路。We are glad to note from your fax of May 28that you have decided to place an order with us for 100sets to test the market.Chinese version of the letter执事先生:感谢你方6月20日来信对我要求降价5的迅速答复,由于您的通力合作,我们现确认按你方修改的价格与你达成交易如下:三十公吨苦杏仁,每公吨1750美元成本加运费青岛,装运期为8月份。随函附上我方第369号购货确认书一式两份,请查收。请尽快签名并退回一份以供我方存档。我们正安排由瑞典的中国银行开立相关的信用证,一经开出即传真通知你方。由于我们急需此货,我们认为有必要重申在信用证有效期内按时装运的重要性,装运方面的任何延误都将给我们以后的交易带来损失。谨上,Specimen Letter 2Gentlemen:We have received your letter of April 16and regret that our counteroffer was refused.As your product “bed sheets”is very much appreciated to our local customers and there is a high demand at our market,we are very desirous of concluding this transaction with you,for the pur


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