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Nonparametric Methods ppt课件内容预览:Differentiate between nonparametric and parametric hypothesis tests.Determine when a nonparametric test should be used instead of its parametric counterpart.Appropriately apply each of the nonparametric methods introduced.Chapter 14 KeyTermsNonparametric testsWilcoxon signed rank test:One samplePaired samplesWilcoxon rank sum test,two independent samplesKruskal-Wallis Test,three or more independent samplesFriedman test,randomized block designSign Test,paired samplesRuns test for randomnessLilliefors test for normalityNonparametricTestsAdvantages:pptFewer assumptions about the populationShapeVarianceValid for small samplesDefined over a range of variables,nominal and ordinal scales includedCalculations simpleDisadvantages:Sample data used less efficientlyPower of nonparametric analysis lowerPlaces greater reliance on statistical tables if computer statistical package or spreadsheet not being usedWilcoxon Signed Rank Test,OneSampleRequirements:Variable - Continuous dataScale - Interval or ratio scale of measurementThe Research Question (H1): Test the value of a single population median,m {1,>,,


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