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Total Quality Management ppt课件内容预览:fourth edition,by Ronald M.WeiersPresentation by PriscillaChaffe-StengelDonald N.StengelChapter 20- LearningObjectivesUnderstand the philosophy of total quality management (TQM).Be able to distinguish between defect prevention and defect detection strategies for the management of quality.Be able to distinguish random variation from assignable variation.Understand the fundamentals of statistical process control charts.Be able to prepare and interpret the major types of control charts.Total QualityManagementA management philosophy that integrates quality into all facets of an organization and focuses on systematic improvementProcess orientation rather than results orientationEmphasis on small continuous improvements rather than relying on large-scale innovationsTQM-RelatedPracticesThe QualityAuditpptCompetitiveBenchmarkingJust-In-TimeManufacturingQualityCirclesBaldrige National QualityAwardParetoDiagramA Pareto diagram is a bar chart illustrating the major types of defects in a product or service.The size of each bar indicates the relative frequency of the associated type of defect.Types of defects are sorted by decreasing relative frequency.Pareto Diagram - AnExampleProblem: Fatal WorkInjuriesQuality and ProcessVariationThe quality of products and services is related to variation in the underlying processes.Two sources of process variation:Random variationAssignable variation due to chance that is inherent in the design of the process....can be rced by using a better design,better materials,or better equipment.AssignableVariationAssignable variation is due to a specific,identifiable cause which,in turn,changes the process,such as worker error.Statistical process control is a procre for monitoring and analyzing process variation so that assignable variation can be identified and rced.ControlChartsControl charts are graphical tools for statistical process control.Output from the process is sampled at regular intervals.Measurements from successive samples are plotted on a control chart.Use of ControlChartsWhen the process remains within control limits,process variation can be attributed to random variation and deemed “in control.”When the process goes beyond control limits,it is likely that significant assignable variation is present. The process is then deemed “out of control.”Mean Charts (μ,s known)Control chart showing sample means over successive samples.If mean μand standard deviation s for the process are known:
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