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China and the Global Economy ppt课件内容预览:OverviewGlobalisation: A HistoricalOverviewChina’s Role InGlobalisationPolicy Challenges ForChinaChina In The GlobalEconomyThree Phases ofGlobalisationSource: Globalization, Growth and Poverty: Building an Inclusive World Economy; World Bank (2002)Demography18201950x82001x7Global GDPGrowthSource: Maddison (2001)Something Different About This Wave OfGlobalisation?pptRe-engagement of China, India FSUICT revolutionTransport and CommunicationCostsSource: Baldwin and Martin (1999)Increasing CapitalFlowsSource: Miles and Feretti, IMF,2003Something Different About ThisWave?Re-engagement of China, India FSUICT revolutionTransnationalCorporationsIncreased tradability in services;Increased ‘publicness’of informationDemographicsDemographyEffect on Global Economic Structure (1)Effect on Global Economic Structure (2)China’s Role inGlobalisationChina ThroughoutHistoryWorld’s largest economy for much of historyImportant trading partner (e.g. SilkRoad)Origin of many of the world’s greatest ideas and inventionsThree Phases of RecentDevelopmentLate 1970s and early 1980s:agricultural reforms1980s: TVEs and opening up of internal markets plus beginning of opening up to external markets1990s onwards:ongoing opening up to external markets and rapid growth of private sectorChina’s GDPGrowthChina’s TradeGrowthChina Driving WorldGrowthPolicy Challenges ForChinaBuilding a market economy,sustaining growth and tackling inequality in a period of rapid change.Extended Periods Of RapidGrowthUnusual for countries to grow rapidly for periods of 25years or more.South Korea and Japan only examples of countries growing rapidly for over 30years.Annual growth in China has averaged 9.4F:添加\TXT7432.txtince 1978– when will this end?Policy Challenge 1: ReorientingGrowthNew domestic sources of growth – less dependence on export-led growthDemand side: Rebalance towards consumptionSupply side: Improving productivity and the supply side,thus rcing ICOR as the saving rate begins to fallLimits to export led growthSome Simple Algebra On GrowthTheoryIntegration of internal markets (1)Domestic integration will boost growth as the opportunities for export-led growth diminish.Same argument about gains from external trade apply to internal trade ( among provinces inChina.)EU economic integration during between 1958and 1973led to a “Golden Age”of Growth inEurope.Integration of internal markets (2)Policy Challenge 2:DemographicsPolicy Challenge 2:Demographics
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