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Science and Implementation Plan ppt课件内容预览:Reports to the Nation: Our ChangingPlanetWhat is theNEAQS-ITCT?NEAQS-ITCT???NEAQS??New England Air QualityStudyITCT??Intercontinental Transport and ChemicalTransformationNEAQS-ITCTFive Research Areas (ScienceQuestions)Emissions verificationTransport and mixingChemical transformationAerosol properties and radiative effectsForecast modelsProfilerNetworkpptTo characterize in 2004and to develop a climatology of boundary-layer structure along the New England coast (i.e.,an ABL-scale issue).To measure lower tropospheric winds with sufficient horizontal resolution to characterize transport corridors in the Northeast (i.e.,a regional-scale issue).Emissions verificationHow well do current inventories represent actual emissions for:cities,point sources,ships,and vegetation?How well are the ratios of co-emitted pollutants represented in existing emissions inventories?How well are the absolute amounts of emitted pollutants represented in inventories?How well are the spatial patterns of emissions represented in inventories?How well are temporal variations in emissions strength and composition represented in inventories?Emissions ratiosData generated in near-field plume transects within or immediately downwind of source regions can be used to assess emissions ratios of pairs of co-emitted compounds.For well-operated instruments,this uncertainty can be less than +-10,providing an independent and accurate check on the ratio calculated from an emissions inventory.WP-3DRonald H.BrownHighly time-resolved data from continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS)can be directly compared to ambient plume measurements taken concurently.The slope of a two-sided linear regression fit to the plume transect data will give a direct measure of the emission ratio.Deployment Strategy (1)---While emissions ratios are relatively insensitive to dilution,deriving absolute emission rates from ambient data requires that dilution be taken into account in the calculation.– one way:mass balance approach.Under ideal meteorological measurements appears to be +-2516035740r less.Data used to calculate absolute emission rates are taken in a manner similar to that employed for calculating emission ratios.WP-3DRonald H.BrownThe ETL profiling lidar aircraft (If logistics permit,and it could provide important information on plume vertical structure and boundary layer height while the WP-3D performs plume transects within the boundary layer.)Absolute emission ratesDeployment Strategy (2)---
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