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Air Pollution as a Climate Forcing ppt课件内容预览:College of EnvironmentalSciencesPeking University,P.R.China2004.03.19Air Pollution as a Climate Forcing:AWorkshopHonolulu,HawaiiApril 29– May 3,2002Edited by James E.HansenIt has been suggested that climate forcing associated with air pollution,specifically tropospheric ozone (O3),black carbon (BC)aerosols,and methane (CH4)together represent a greater climate forcing than the forcing byCO2.(Hansen, J.,et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.97,9875-9880,2000;98,14778-14783,2001; Clim. Change 52,435-440,2002)A. Can we decrease BC aerosols enough to alleviate the global warming “bounce”that will accompany “clear sky”initiatives that are expected to rce reflecting aerosols in places such as the United States andChina?B. Are aerosols responsible for important regional climate anomalies,for example,the increasing tendency for droughts in northern China, Afghanistan and other places?Two questions:PRD regional air pollution seasonal MODIS satellite imagesPilot Study 2002-2004 The seven PM2.5sampling stations in the Pearl RiverDeltaMonthly averages:ppt-- OC and sulfate major components-- Highest concentrations seen on mainlandPreliminary Results (OctoberSamples)Most severe air pollution event on record in HongKongOn November 2,2003At 2:15pmRSP=342ugm3FSP=295ugm3Preliminary Results (OctoberSamples)A Three-Dimensional Air Quality Study in the Pearl RiverDeltaXuemei Wang, Youhua Tang, Gregory Carmichael, Tao Wang, DavidStreetsUsing a Regional Chemical TransportModelDraft Paper to be presented at the Pearl River Delta Regional Sustainable Development International Forum, Guangzhou, P.R. China,March 2004Studies in November 2002showed that PRD air quality was strongly affected by three types of weather situations,controlled by the Tibetan Plateau high and subtropical high.The weather situation with strong north wind transported mainland pollutants directly to the PRD. When the subtropical high dominated,the north-south air-mass exchange was interrupted,and the PRD external air-mass mainly came from the clear ocean.Our sensitivity study by doubling PRD external emissions indicated that external influences followed a similar transport pattern determined by weather situations.Development of Regional Air Quality ManagementSystemDevelop Regional Monitoring Network and Regional StandardModelDevelop Regional Data ManagementSystemDevelop Regional Emission Inventory in Time andSpaceDevelop Validationaccountability systemEstablish Regional “CriticalLoading”

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